Left click to advance dialogue.

In the first scene there is a free movement section, the movement is with the arrow keys.


Movement works as follows.

First you indicate whether you want to go up or down with the respective up and down arrows. 

Then it must be combined with the one that indicates the direction in which the character moves, either to the right or left. There are points that lead to the same place regardless of the direction chosen.

To shoot you have to type the word zas. Where the life marker is, you can see the word being formed.

There are now three types of punch line:

If you correctly type the word zas, a bullet is generated that hits with full damage.

If you type any combination that includes the letters z, a, s. For example: azs, asz, etc. A bullet is generated with 25% of the original damage.

If you type any word containing any of the letters z, a, s. A bullet is generated with 10% of the original damage. 

To change places with your partner press x.

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